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Can you really eat that??!!

Oftentimes I am asked "WOW!! Can you really eat that??"" as my clients are pointing to a flower or handmade topper. I have to admit, I love that question! Seeing the amazement on their faces as I explain that you can, in fact, eat it is pretty neat. The awesome thing about cake decorating is that the possibilities are endless. From the delicate edges of a gumpaste flower to the intricate detailing of modeling chocolate, each medium can yield some pretty impressive (and yummy) results.

I was recently asked to make chocolate covered mini cakes for a networking event. These tiny delicacies donned a gold laced gumpaste "fantasy flower" as well as gold brushing and chevron patterns. Simply designed...because sometimes simple is better right? And yes....everything on these mini cakes were edible!!

#events #gumpaste #April #cake #edible #gold #mini

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