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It is I who received the gift...

This Christmas season my heart is full. I recently experienced an amazing delivery. This very special cake was for Everett, who I met through Icing Smiles. Icing Smiles is an awesome organization that pairs families of children with various life-threatening illnesses with local volunteer bakers to create a one of a kind "dream cake" for birthdays, or other celebrations (at no charge to the families).

What's even more special about this particular cake is that Everett is a huge Dragonball Z fan, which my boys are totally obsessed with!!! Everett and his family were amazing, super sweet, kind people who reminded me just how blessed I am. I just loved his energetic, bubbly personality in spite of what he has endured medically. I tell you, this has been a humbling experience...and I'm grateful for that. I am grateful that I can express my love for a complete stranger through art. I am also grateful that my boys got the chance to be selfless and help me design the cake by explaining all of the DBZ characters and their roles. What a blessing this has been for all of us.

Thank you Icing Smiles, Inc. for the opportunity to serve! What a great way to close out the year.

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